In a field of audio installations we trust BOSE company - the producer of total solutions. BOSE Professional Systems Division is an offer for business customers.

Products in this field can be used in large corporate and sports facilities, recreation centers, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops and theme parks. Sound systems are completely customizable and individually adapted to each object. The most important point of the system, before proceeding to create the project, is to identify the needs and abilities of the client and also limitations imposed by our infrastructure.

We invite you to talk with our experts about the adaptation of acoustic spaces in which the installation will be carried out so as to maximize effectiveness and achieve optimum clarity of sound system. We offer you comprehensive support from the moment the need of sound system installation appears, till we make sure the system works well, is efficient and the principles of operation and basic, required support are clear and mastered by institution staff.

A broad spectrum of products includes:

  • sound systems of music played in the background,
  • speakers in the foreground,
  • bass units improving low frequency response,
  • waterproof units for outdoor applications,
  • portable systems,
  • controllers,
  • amplifiers,
  • mixers,
  • processors,
  • and other accessories used to create overall systems of sound management.