Curved screens are an excellent choice to enthrall greater audience with the richness of our virtual content. Displayed 3D stereo content enriches and adds to the overall experience. It is an ideal solution for universities and research institutes, theaters and conference centers.

The configuration of curved screens is entirety adapted to the requirements of the user. Not only size but also resolution, brightness, models and positions of the projectors are customizable. We are also ready to integrate with existing systems.


When using curved screens we are able to display many sources simultaneously, with mono and stereo 3D combinations, without compromise to the image quality. Thanks to XDS Control Center software, we are able to control all local and network sources  using the mouse and the keyboard in well-known for us Windows environment. You can compare several 3D stereo sources on the screen during videoconferencing with remote co-workers or you may also compare spreadsheet data.

Main Features

  • Optional size of the screen
  • Optional resolution
  • Flexible, half-stiff or stiff screens
  • Straight or curved screens
  • 2D or 3D
  • Easy control with the XDS software
  • Possibility of recording