During the training courses of pilots, drivers, surgeons or traffic controllers - classes and textbook knowledge are most often insufficient parts of the training, they prepare specialists just to start practical work. This is the exact moment in which the simulators are introduced and they help to solve the problem. By simulating potential crisis scenarios we can accept them as highly probable and predictable in all conditions.


The requirements issued to the army recently  are very different from a few years ago. For example, the focus of the army shifted from defense of its own territory to carrying out various kinds of operations outside the country, often in disparate environments and cultures. Because of these changes, adaptation of the training system has become obligatory. The change of priorities must have caused creation of conditions for quick and effective training of army assigned to a given contingent.


Simulators have ceased to be simple installations helping to operate machinery. Modern simulators are built on complex virtual reality systems. They enable users to write scripts and exercise strategies. They are systems whose level of immersion allows you to learn about the terrain as well as weather conditions.