Virtual reality

Wirtualna rzeczywistość

Virtual Reality 3D is an image of artificial reality, created with the use of Information Technology. Depending on the application, the image may be a reflection of reality or creation of a new one.

Virtual and real worlds intermingle and interact with each other. The virtual world serves us as a tool to improve, investigate, gain new experience and most often as entertainment.

Virtual Reality has many practical applications. Most of all it can be used not only for training and scientific purposes, but also for simulation. In the areas of our lives such as army or industrial engineering, virtual reality is an indispensable tool for totally safe training of the staff working every day in unfriendly and dangerous surroundings. The elements such as: content, meaning and emotions are very close to real ones and they let us simulate the situations which may happen in reality..

Virtual reality introduced into entertainment industry stimulates imagination and also enriches real life with artificial and fictitious worlds. There elementary rules and rights can be broken and replaced with other ones, and unavailable in the real world emotions can be experienced.

Creating the system of virtual reality is a complex process in which the first thing we have to do is to determine the purpose and basic functionality. In the initial phase, depending on our needs, we have to choose one of the projection systems.


Virtual reality is an environment in which several advanced systems are connected to each other:


Tracking Systems

Systemy śledzenia ruchu / Tracking Systems

Various tracking systems are used to control our applications. They constitute a very important component of Virtual Reality Installations. In our work we make use of the following technologies:

  • Eye tracking,
  • finger tracking,
  • body motion tracking,
  • virtusphere.

Motion Capture systems allow for interaction with virtual world, they give the feeling of "immersion" by projecting adequate perspective of an image, which depends on the position of the user equipped with markers.

Stereoscopic 3D projection

System Projekcji Stereoskopowej 3D / Stereoscopic 3D projection

Our installations are based on the solutions of stereoscopic 3D projections. Depending on the user's assumptions, infrastructure and budget we offer passive stereoscopic 3D projection (Infitec) or active stereoscopic 3D projection (active 3D glasses).

Head Mounted Display (HMD)

Monitory nagłowne / Head Mounted Display (HMD)

Head Mounted Display is more expensive, budget solution for virtual reality systems. It is nothing else but glasses equipped with two separate screens, projecting the content separately for the left and for the right eye. The device has a set of tri-axial accelerometers coupled with micro gyroscopes. This solution lets us monitor the position of the user's head in real time and project proper perspective on the screens of his glasses.

The virtual world is the world which is limited only by human imagination. Depending on the application and required level of immersion we make modern, multipurpose implements used to create virtual surroundings.

As an overall integrator of VR systems we also undertake the creation of contents of our virtual reality. To meet the needs of our clients, we create not only simple 3d models but also complete and complex virtual surroundings. The whole content is also implemented by us and adjusted to the specific projection systems.