Power walls is a large wall allows imaging projection that offer a wide range of applications. The ability to choose from a range of individual components, such as projectors, screens, controllers and allows for accurate system configuration required by the application. Setup is completely definable by the user: choose front or rear projection, projection by one or multiple projectors, etc.

Power walls is typically used as a tool for engineers and designers to interact with stereoscopic 3D models. Brightness, high resolution and color depth make the system ideal for the military, advertising sector, and many others. The system has the possibility projecting multiple sources simultaneously, in all combinations of mono and 3D.

Main features

  • optional size of screen
  • optional resolution
  • flexible, half-stiff and stiff screens
  • straight or curved screen
  • 2D or 3D
  • easy control by the XDS software
  • possibility of recording