This multidimensional projection drags the user into virtual world. We offer systems for displaying an image on the walls (the number of the walls may vary from two to six) in sizes demanded by the user. The system of the Cave type is entirely configurable and it can be ideally suited to the requirements of a particular application. We build unmovable as well as mobile installations, with stiff and also with flexible screens, of both high or low resolution, with active or passive 3D or with both.

Research institutes all over the world rely on the solutions of visualization technology we use.We create environments which entirely surround experts and students with virtual image. We offer the floor for rear projection that provides amazing emotions. Our experience in selecting components such as projectors, screens and controllers and also the knowledge how to  construct multi-walled environments that will ideally face the requirements of our clients make us a perfect choice.

Main features systems:

  • Immerison evirnoment focused and matched at your needs
  • Adjust details level
  • Compatibility with different tracking system
  • 2D or 3D
  • Possibility of recording


  • Sience and Education
  • Army / Military
  • Entertainment
  • Industrial engineering
  • Culture and Art